Welcome to Action TV

'Action Televison' Zy*go"sis,(noun): State of being joined together in balance, with harmony; (verb) act of joining together, uniting or combining.

Action TV is Lorna Easton and David Keltie. We work independently, together and in association with others.

Lorna specialises in marketing communications, marketing reviews, and customer insight. She works mostly in the tourism, leisure and arts sectors. She has extensive experience in marketing, both operationally in planning and implementing campaigns, and at a strategic level in branding, brand positioning and brand communications.

David is a facilitator, mentor, trainer, consultant and researcher, and specialises in collaborative working across organisations and sectors. He has particular experience of and interest in businesses and organisations with a social purpose.

Other consultancies and agencies we work closely with include:

TeamTourism - a specialist tourism consultancy with unique experience and expertise working for tourism destinations.

Yellow Railroad - an international tourism consultancy.

GAIN - Scotland's national training centre for arts administration and cultural management.

Alpine Rainbow - Based in Annecy (France), Alpine Rainbow provides intensive language teaching for managers as well as advice for companies and organisations wishing to develop in France.

Yellow Railroad - an international tourism consultancy.

fairXchange - an advocate for the promotion and delivery of sustainable lifestyles in Scotland.